GAPCO, Conakry, Guinea, Africa: Project encompassed the preliminary design and layout of a port facility for handling up to four 94 car trains in and out per day. The trains will be carrying bulk ore, caustic, lime, fuel oil and diesel fuel as well as various other material on flat cars and container cars. Each train will be broken up to the various loading / unloading station and then reassembled for departure to the refinery. The initial phase performed by WRE involved an operational analysis of the facility and layout of the track alignments to accommodate the various commodities and the various rivers and inlets. The initial port master plan involved a “green field” layout of the commodity storage volume and size as well as sequencing of the material through the Port. Multiple alternatives were prepared with the final layout designed to accommodate up to 4 trains in the facility at any one time and allow for building up trains for departure. Consideration was given throughout the layout of the tracks for the operational flow, road traffic, moving of bulk materials from Port to ship, etc. Final master plan was prepared by Wiser Rail and involved commodity locations, track alignments, road layout, etc.

The second phase of the project involved taking the initial concept master plans and preparing a 30% plan for alignment and profile, design/build performance specification, indexer specifications, etc. This phase also involved review and redesign of the refinery rail layout prepared by the refinery engineers as well as coordination meetings in Toronto, Canada.

Sub-consultant for rail design to BERGER/ABAM